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BluWaves Fibernet

About Us

BluWaves Internet Services India P.Ltd is a company formed by a team of professionals having expertise in I.S.P, Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS), Wireless – Telemetric embedded systems and applications, software development to provide complete customer solutions & in emerging applications including automobile navigation, asset tracking, location Intelligence, and remote monitoring including security & tracking systems.

The company aims at providing quality Internet and Intranet on (Radio frequency) Wireless Technology. Internet, which today is the basic ingredient for information, communication and Education (IEC), has wide acceptance in the society and the technology that we have adopted provides cost effective and high speed internet to the people. We are one of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) operating in this region and the client base that we have and their satisfaction level will speak for the best wireless technology that we provide at affordable rates..

Using the latest broadband technology called 'fixed wireless’, the transceiver is mounted on the roof of the customer's building and the transceiver is positioned to points to the closest Base Station that sends and receives signals. The signal thus received by the subscriber-unit is sent through wired cable to the building to reach either the computer or the network-switch in the office or institution.

We provide uninterrupted and timely flow of information and our solutions facilitate decision making and sharpen your competitive edge by compressing time to market as well as increase financial efficiencies that result from better supply chain management and lower inventories.

We offer high-speed, high quality, low cost and easy to use Internet connection for home based users, small entrepreneurs, corporate users and educational institutions, empowering consumers to explore the true potential of the Internet. Our services are flexible and scalable to keep pace with increasing Internet needs.

In BluWaves, we apply our expertise in making the latest Internet technologies to work effectively as per your needs. We will support your organization by providing intelligent network, security and application services that will maximize the utilization and minimize the cost with the collaborative efficiencies that others may lack. We use our expertise, mature processes and experience to set the standards to this organization in pursuit of our mission of ensuring customer satisfaction.

We provide WI-FI connections for all users as per their requirement without compromising in quality. A site survey will be undertaken by technical expert in the proposed premises where the connection is required and the works will be carried out without any delay and hindrance to the occupants. Once the connection is provided the subscriber will have access to internet with amazing speed and will experience the latest internet technology and video conferencing with crystal clear clarity.